Child development has always been important to me, but what got my attention was when I realized that many babies from low-income working families did not have enough money to provide an adequate supply of diapers for their babies. The thought of babies having to be in diapers too long and crying from diaper rash was unthinkable to me. I decided to do something about it.  I founded the first Baby Basics program over 19 years ago in Ridgewood, NJ because I wanted all babies to have a chance to grow and thrive like my children and grandchildren.  There are now 13 programs across the country including the Collier County program.

We are the only organization that provides free diapers on a consistent basis to low-income working families.   These families depend on us and are so grateful for our help.  At our distribution sites, they tell us about how the money they would normally spend on diapers goes to buy food, pay rent or purchase medicine for their babies.  The entire family feels the impact as we also provide a supportive atmosphere and community for these struggling families. It is a simple program, but one that is so needed.

Jean Ann Lynch, President