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Blog | Baby Basics of Collier County

Volunteer Shout Out: Kath Bergin

“Baby Basics meets the criteria that I set for myself when deciding which kinds of philanthropic projects I will give my time and talents to. It provides a hand up NOT a hand out, which is so important. And, overall the organization is very well managed, which is so important.”

Give Where You Live – February 20 & 21

The beginning of the year is a busy time for everyone in Southwest Florida – and Baby Basics is no different.  While we are fresh off the 10th annual 5K Fun Run/Walking Challenge - which brought out over 200 people to run and walk to raise funds for Baby Basics –...

Thoughts on Hurricane Irma

I do not think any of us realized the extent of hardship that was thrust upon and has continued for the low-income families that were affected by Hurricane Irma. During that destructive time, one of the most sought after necessities was diapers. Baby Basics of Collier...