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Volunteer Shout Out: Kath Bergin | Baby Basics of Collier County

This quarterly blog will shine a spotlight on one of our many dedicated volunteers.  Read below to learn more!

Full Name:
Kathleen (Kath) Therese Bergin

Kath Bergin, Baby Basics volunteer

When did you begin volunteering for Baby Basics of Collier County?
“In 2011.”

What are your volunteer positions within Baby Basics of Collier County?
“I am honored to have chaired – and will chair – several events including Wine & Music and the Champagne Lunch & Fashion Show and this year’s Champagne Lunch & Fashion Show. I also volunteer in distribution with Ally Tate, at Habitat for Humanity, mostly during the summer months.”

Why is Baby Basics important to you?
“Baby Basics meets the criteria that I set for myself when deciding which kinds of philanthropic projects I will give my time and talents to. It provides a hand up NOT a hand out, which is so important. And, overall the organization is very well managed, which is so important.”

What other nonprofits do you support/volunteer for?
“I am an active member of the Naples Woman’s Club, again working on projects and committees that support the philanthropic efforts that make the most sense to me. Right now, I am chairing the furnishing of a cottage at Providence House, a Naples nonprofit that addresses the needs of Homeless Mothers of children under 10-years-old.”

Where are you originally from?
“I was born in Alexandria, Virginia, raised in Garden City, New York, and raised my own family in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. My husband and I also maintained a beach house in Ocean City, New Jersey until 2017. Now I am a proud, full-time resident of Naples.”

What do you do/did you do professionally?
“I taught English for almost 25 years at Glenbard West High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. I also founded and served as president of Comp-U-Writer, Inc (CUW) for 14 years, where my staff and I wrote manuals for secondary and collegiate English teachers/professors and conducted workshops in over 25 states using the most effective and comprehensive computer-assisted writing analysis program.”

Tell us a bit about your family.
“My husband, Joe, and I will soon celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary. We have three sons: Bob, Jim, and Dan who have gifted us with our wonderful daughters-in-law and eight magnificent grandchildren, who range in age from eight to 18-years-old.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?
“I spend a great deal of time volunteering and reading, but I also play golf, bridge, and mahjongg. I also love to do needlepoint, knit, and crochet, but have had less and less time for those hobbies, recently.”

What is something about you/a talent that you have that people might be surprised to learn?
“Well…I’m an extrovert, so most people probably believe that they know me pretty well. I’m probably more spiritual than many would realize. I would probably have become a computer nerd if I were a teenager today. And finally, I’m a very good bowler!”

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