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Diapers are a hot commodity, even in the summer months | Baby Basics of Collier County

It’s hot.  It’s steamy.  It’s summer in Naples!  When the mercury starts to rise, it’s difficult to muster the energy to leave the house.  Instead, we enjoy moving at a slower pace, taking a dip in the pool, taking vacations up north, and generally keeping cool – in any way we can.

But the slower pace of summer often doesn’t bring a reprieve for many Collier County residents.  Instead, it creates uneasiness about where the next meal – and diapers – will come from. Hunger doesn’t take a break in the summer and diaper need doesn’t either.

While Baby Basics of Collier County continues to provide a supply of clean diapers and kindness 378 babies per month throughout the entire year, we continue to rely on your help throughout the year to make it happen.

Donating couldn’t be easier. And you don’t even have to leave the house or break a sweat to do it!  Click here to donate to Baby Basics today.