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Shocking Statistics About Children in Crisis | Baby Basics of Collier County

Learn more about the reality of children living in crisis throughout the world, including the United States and Collier County.

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to pass by or not notice others in need. At face value, many families seem to be surviving and thriving; often, this is far from reality. Many low-income working families are facing more hardships than ever, forcing the parents to choose between which necessities will be purchased for the family. Luckily, there are many ways that you can help families beat the odds and raise healthy, productive and active members of the greater Collier County community. Here are some shocking facts about children and families in the world and in our own Collier County.


5.7 Million People Live in Poverty with Children Under the Age of 3

Yes, you read that number correctly. Sadly poverty is a scourge not just in Collier County. Millions of children spend every day wondering where their next meal will come from and families struggle even to provide by the most basic of needs.


Over 1 million Trips to Doctor and Health Care Facilities Each Year with Babies are Diaper Related Illnesses

Throughout the United States, children are brought to health facilities for diaper rash irritation, which can become dangerous to the child. Many of these children are living in poverty and have minimal access to fresh, new diapers. Children wear diapers for longer than advised and are forced into low-income health facilities, backing up appointments for other patients as well.


The Poverty in Collier County Threshold is $23,283 for Family of 4

A family of four can barely survive when living on such a low number. Families are forced to choose between food, clothes and other necessities like diapers for the entire family. Sadly, diapers are often left at the bottom of this list. In Collier County alone, 45,016 people live below the poverty line: 3,000 of these people are children.


Reality Check

A family making $62,000 a year may spend $1200 on one child for 1 year. Many low-income working families have more than one child, drastically reducing the funds to go around. While there are many great services in place within the Collier County community such as free lunch programs (45% of children in Collier County receive free lunch at schools), this is not enough. This is why Baby Basics of Collier County is so important. Our team is dedicated to bringing fresh diapers to babies in desperate need through the area. Learn how you can help bring revitalized health, economic assistance to families, and pride back into the homes of children throughout Collier County here!