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Reasons Why Supplying Diapers is Critical in Today’s Society | Baby Basics of Collier County

Children are without a doubt the future of America and nurturing these future leaders is pertinent to the success of our great country and communities. This nurturing starts from birth and continues until they become successful adults. Although we hope that each child is provided even starting ground, the reality is that thousands of children are born into dire situations and are not provided with the necessities needed to continue growing. Having access to clean diapers not only improves the chances of a child’s successful growth and stability, but reaps benefits to those throughout the community as well. Here are some of the reasons Baby Basics and their supporters see access to clean, sturdy diapers as an absolute must for underprivileged children.


Provides Physical Safety

The use of dirty diapers or the extended use of a single diaper can cause major health problems for not only the child, but the family as well. Saturation of the diaper area can lead to diaper dermatitis as well as other potential health issues. Having access to clean, fresh diapers regularly helps reduce the likelihood of health issues in infancy through toddler stages. As these years are some of the most important to any child’s growth, this needs to be seen as a must for families.


Reduces Medical Burden of the Healthcare System

Health issues related to diapers cause at least 1 million outpatient pediatric visits a year (Porter and Steefel, 2015). This causes a major burden to the pediatric health care system, especially in areas of lower-income. This bombardment of patients stresses the system, depletes needed resources and reduces the supply of visits to other children in need. Providing adequate diapers can help reduce the number of potential visits due to these conditions freeing time and resources in pediatric offices in the areas that need these offerings the most.


Improving Financial Flexibility

Providing diapers to families not receiving additional federal assistance enables mothers and fathers to allocate income to other areas of need within the family. The cost of raising a child continues to rise, putting an extreme burden on many families trying their hardest to make ends meet. This rising cost has trickled down to diaper prices causing many families to choose between diapers and other needed items such as food, clothes and childcare. Assisting with diaper costs frees large amounts of income for families in need to be able to provide the other necessities within the family. In turn, this reduces the stress on government assistance systems and enables them to provide for others as well.


Improve Family Mental Health

Fresh, clean diapers doesn’t just benefit the physical health of the child. It reduces stress on the child and the family as well. The stress and burden of trying to provide these needed items can push families to the brink. Even the smallest assistance can be the difference between a family in disarray and a strong core structure that provides a healthy living environment for the child.

Baby Basics of Collier County provides free diapers on a consistent basis to low-income families in need within the Collier County area. If you or someone you know could benefit from this assistance please contact us and help improve a child’s life today.  Or send us a donation and we will put it towards buying diapers for children and families in need.